Blank's D&D Extravaganza

Aurgro's Journal Entry 02

OMG Gryphons!

Oh sweet sweet beautiful Bahaumut! Gryphons! I’ve only heard of them before! This is amazing!

… Okay… Okay gotta get a hold of myself… Lets start from the beginning. There has been a lot so I might miss a few details here and there.

After leaving Red Larch on the only clue we could come across, we started making our way toward a spot where there have been reports of a few freshly dug graves in the Somber Hills. In light of recent activities with people we now know as some kind of elemental cult calling themselves The Elemental Eye. Looking through the graves we found a Male Dwarf and a female human, both with the mark of Mirabar on their clothes. I guess we can say that we found the missing traveling company from Mirabar…. shit… We also found a member of that cult we dealt with before and someone else… odd white cloak adorned with raven feathers. I’m not sure what to make of it. Could be another faction of the cult…. if for sure means more trouble.

Aracawkrin… man… I’m getting a lot of firsts here. I wasn’t even sure these people existed until last night. Wow… I have to admit. I was a little nervous… Things were getting a little heated there. I didn’t want to fight them…. Good thing all they wanted was some healing potions. Though I’m sure Papu will miss his…. stale cheese bread…. bleh… Weird little half-ling. As it turns out they are also fighting against the Elemental Eye… It’s nice to know we have allies…. sort of… They seem to like keeping to themselves. Explains why I’ve only heard of them in stories. This Elemental Eye problem is proving to be a bit bigger than some cultists out in a middle of nowhere town. This is getting dangerous.

Oh yeah. Speaking of danger. Fucking Owlbears! Two of them. Attacked us in the freaking crack of dawn. I would still be buzzing from that if it wasn’t for what I’m about to tell you next. Kayna is never going to believe that I started a day being attacked by owlbears and now ending it on a night ride hunt on the backs of gryphons. Fucking sweet!

Backing up a bit, after the owlbear attack we started heading towards this tower in the middle of the singing valley. Turns out the tower called Feather Gail Spire is owned by a bunch of rich aristocrats who call themselves “The Knights of Water Deep”. Fitting since most of them come from Water Deep. Apparently this is their hobby… rich people…

Anyway they have invited us into their homes and we are getting ready to have a big feast… what is it for, I’m not sure. But if things go well. I might be able ride a gryphon! Hmm…. I think I’ll go take a look at their stables before dinner….. I hope Shadow is doing okay… I better go get him too…


Villawuff DrakeArlin

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