The Knowledge Hungry Friendly Warlock


Zachary is a male human of average height and slim build. He can usually be seen wearing his professorial robe, though since he began adventuring he now wears studded leather underneath. The pack on his back bulges with loose papers, journals, and a few select tomes of magic, history, and religious rites…just in case he needs a refresher on his ample knowledge of each.

His face has a slightly otherworldly look to it, but it’s not that he has a haunting beauty or fierce gaze, simply that there’s something slightly different about him, and it’s hard to look away. His hair is straight and black, flowing freely over the back of his robes to just below his shoulders. His eyes are a neutral grey, bright under his spectacles, and he always seems to be taking in his surroundings, looking for anything that might lead him to some sort of hidden knowledge or new path.

In recent days, he is almost always accompanied by his pet raven and familiar, Twilight. The black-feathered bird is a fantastic mimic and can be heard muttering quietly much of the time. Darker than its feathers are the bird’s beady eyes; the more you gaze into them, the more unsettled you feel. Luckily, Zachary seems to get along fine with the bird, and it follows his commands to the letter.



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