Adran Brightwood

The eccentric Half-Elf Bard


pic1400516_t.jpg Level 3 Half-Elf Bard Entertainer
Chaotic Good
5’8 145 lbs
Blonde Hair, Green Eyes
Armor Class 15 / Initiative +3 / Speed 30
Maximum HP 32



Adran, the Half-Elf, was raised by his mother in an Elvish village deep in forests. There he discovered he had a gift for song and acting and learned the way of the bard. He never knew his human father, and his mother refused to speak of him. But because of his longing to understand his non-Elvish side, he often travelled to the neighboring Human and Orcish villages, taking up errands and jobs that none of his Elven neighbors cared to take up. He became fascinated by the other cultures, picking up the Orcish language, which he found exciting because of its aggressive and harsh tones.

During an errand, he was attacked by demonic creatures. Luckily for him, he was saved by a group of adventurers lead by the Sapphire Knight, who wore a Sapphire pendant over his armor, and a blue cloak. Adran fell in love with his blue wielding hero, and accompanied him on his adventures. The Sapphire Knight was on a mission to rid the world of an evil demon lord. And so, Adran got to travel to many cities and satisfied his curiosity with the people of the world, but alongside his love.

e3bca7e009ac44b56ffc8d37fad85360.jpgThe party had reached its goal, but at a tragic cost. The entire party but Adran and his Sapphire Knight were slain. The Sapphire Knight was in an epic battle with the demon lord they had sworn to rid the world of. In the final swing of the sword, Adran used the last of his power to aid his knight. That swing was enough to defeat the demon lord, but at the same time, the demon lord had plunged a dagger into the Sapphire Knight. And although they had saved the world, without any healing abilities left, the Sapphire Knight died in Adran’s arms. Adran still wears the pendant that the Sapphire Knight once wore.

After Adran had returned to tell the King that his Sapphire Knight’s quest had been completed, there were celebrations thrown in the Sapphire Knight’s honor. Adran had fallen into darkness, saddened by the loss of his love. However he was approached by a large, elegantly dressed woman, who went by the name Lady Heffa Vizen. She told him that the memory of his love shouldn’t die, and that Adran should spread the tale of the Sapphire Knight to as many ears that would listen. Adran then became one of the most famous bards in the land. Tales of the Sapphire Knight were all anyone could talk about, and Lady Heffa Vizen introduced Adran to many nobles and famous adventurers.

8a1be5e096ec95874dea4d840954603f.jpgLady Heffa Vizen became his confidant, and source of information and rumors. She would send him information and jobs through the most handsome messengers, who pose as fanboys, since she knew he could never resist a handsome face. He has asked Lady Heffa Vizen to get him in touch with the Harpers, a known group of bards which he feels is in line with his ideals and beliefs, and he wishes to join their ranks.

Although he would never love another person, Adran still had a fondness for handsome men. He frequented many brothels, and many of the proprietors would allow him to bed their finest gentlemen for his bardic talents. During his visit to Waterdeep , one of his regular escorts, an extremely handsome Half-Orc named Tap, approached him with a request. Tap had accidentally discovered he had developed strange magical powers and wanted help to understand them. Adran was pleased with the idea of having his own personal escort for both pleasure and protection, and agreed to have Tap accompany him on his quest to find the Harpers, since he was sure the Harpers would have the best resources to help Tap.

Adran Brightwood

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