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Welcome to our foray into the world of Faerun, courtesy of the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition campaign, Princes of the Apocalypse!


Dramatis Personae:

  • Arune as the eccentric half-elf bard, Adran Brightwood
  • Krominof as Tap, a street-wise half-orc with mysterious powers of sorcery
  • Soulfire as the bookish human warlock Zachary, charged with observing the adventurers
  • Drake as Aurgros Fangborn, a solitary dragonborn ranger hailing from a distant land.
  • Ben as Papu, the quirky halfling rogue with a penchant for pants!
  • Sara as the goliath fighter Keelhaul, a former pirate-turned-mercenary.

Blank's D&D Extravaganza

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