Half-Orc Sorcerer


Late one night, the women of a brothel in Waterdeep were alerted to a “tap tap tap” on their kitchen door. Responding, they discovered an abandoned infant on their step. A terrible storm was rolling into the city and the women took the baby in, intent to send him to the orphanages when the rains ended. When they discovered that the child was half orc, and therefore unwelcome in most of society, several of the ladies decided to keep the child with them. They named the boy ‘Tap’ as the only thing they new about him was the sound that brought them to him.

Tap would spend all of his childhood growing up in the brothel, raised by all of the women but mostly three: Tribell, Dist, and Muy. Living amongst the activities and people of such an establishment, he grew street-smart. The local churches called him the “Child of Sin” because of his home and orc blood. This taught him indifference.

What no one expected of Tap was how attractive a man he would become. His orc heritage gave him a massive muscular build. His human side gave him smooth features and emerald green puppy eyes. The moment his features attracted a client, Tap was put to work as a member of the brothel. Because of his upbringing Tap was a natural for the job. His smooth personality and attractive physique brought many clients looking for an exotic encounter with a “ruthless” orc. When he was not servicing a client, they used his bulk as a bouncer for the other workers.

Still a young man, Tap began to dream about other lives. The desire to leave what he knew and discover what he was truly worth began to occupy his thoughts. The protests of his pimp, Crest, kept him from wondering away, however.

One evening Tap was crouched in an alley, huddled against a rainstorm similar to the storm that seemed to have brought him into the world. He was hiding from the soldiers that had been set on him when a nobleman found him in bed with a client: the nobleman’s wife. As he sat in the rain, wishing for warmth, Tap was shocked when fire sprang from his fingers to ignite a pile of garbage near him.

Uncertain of what he had done, Tap found his way to a friend and regular client, Adran. After showing the bard his sudden magical abilities, they hatched a plan to leave the city before Crest could discover Taps new potential. Calling a favor from an admirer, the two departed from Waterdeep under the guise of serving a client.

Tap was leaving the city for the first time, still wanted by the nobleman and most certainly by Crest once the truth was discovered. He did not understand his powers, but he was convinced that this was the start of a path to a new life. Still, something else began to stir inside him. He was becoming more aware of the magic charged in his body, but also something deeper than that: something darker and more frightening. Was the evil inherited from his orc blood beginning to grow? Would he be strong enough to resist it? More importantly, would he want to?


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