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Looking For Trouble (AKA Loot)

Chapter Two

The party returns to Red Larch after defeating a small pack of bandits who were attacking unsuspecting travelers along the eastern road. Eager to lend their aid after an evening’s rest at the Swinging Sword, they uncover and pursue additional leads from various local sources who point them toward a mysterious and supposedly haunted tomb. To their surprise, the tomb’s entrance appears slightly ajar with just enough room for the halfling Papu to wedge himself inside. Papu discovers a makeshift alarm nestled just against the interior of the door, leading the ranger Aurgros to investigate the perimeter. Stealthily, the dragonborn discovers a meager camp of thieves eagerly awaiting any who dare to venture inside the tomb and trigger their “alarm”. Returning with this news, the party, boastful of their collective skill, elect to engage the thieves by deliberately triggering the trap and hiding nearby. Shortly thereafter, a half-ogre thug named Geeraugh and his goblin thief companion, Mougra, investigate on cue, only to meet their ignominious end at the hands of the ambushing party.

Inside the tomb, the party uncovers a small room with a stone block table at its center, and a rusted iron door further in. The table appears to have housed a number of small objects, all of which have been looted leaving only rusted imprints. Hopeful of more treasure within, the party attempts to open the rusted door, and are shocked to discover a spectral guard who warns them to leave its master in peace. Unfazed by its warning, the party refuses to abandon the tomb, causing the specter to attack wantonly. Though normal weapons appeared to have little effect on the creature, Tap’s wild magic and a scathing insult from the bard ended the specter’s watch as its form dissipated, forever plagued by its misery.

Weary from combat, the adventurers return to town and remark on their recent victories over a song (courtesy of Adran) and mugs of ale at the Helm. They take note of the disgruntled halfling lurking once again observing their every move from a quiet corner of the tavern. As they move in to engage, the halfling becomes unnervingly startled by the arrival of another patron, and hastily makes his retreat. Curious as to his motives, the party engage the patron, a fellow by the name of Illmeth Waelvur, who runs a nearby Wagonworks. He laughs off their questions as unremarkable and nothing to be concerned over. Identifying the party as adventurers, Waelvur offers a rumor of hidden treasure near Tricklerock Cave and entices them to investigate. After a good night’s rest, the party pay a visit to the cave, only to discover a pack of stirges awaiting them and no treasure or riches to be found…


Stupid bat mosquitos

Looking For Trouble (AKA Loot)
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