Blank's D&D Extravaganza

Secrets and Pride

Chapter Three

[This log is still under construction]

The party returns to Red Larch, soured by the false lure of hidden treasure. Frustrated, they begin to investigate more of the town, discovering from a Halfing named Stannor Thistlehair about the robed figures that make their way and seemingly disappear into Waelvur’s lot during the night. They also learn about nightly hauntings of the local quarries by “masked men” from workers of the town quarries. They speak with the foremen of each respective quarry (Dornen Finestone and Mellikho Stoneworks), both of whom try to shrug them off as pointless rumors and instead offer an alluring claim of hidden treasure near Tricklerock Cave. Infuriated by their reluctance and knowing what truly awaited them at the Cave, the party begin to tap other sources for information.

Mother Yalantha’s – there they meet Uther Whiteraven (laborer at Mellikho’s Stoneworks) and Mara Westwind (a laborer in the employ of Dornen Finestone). The party learns that a mutual friend to the two, Randal Buckman, knew of the peddler Valklondar, but had no additional information to offer.

The party waits until the evening to investigate Waelvur’s Wheelworks for signs of the mysterious “robed figures,” but a town watchman stumbles upon their investigation. Feigning drunken behavior, the guard ushers them back to the Swinging Sword to ensure they “sleep it off.”


Villawuff Villawuff

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