Blank's D&D Extravaganza

Beneath The Surface

Chapter Five

The party has defeated the necromancer!

Aurgros scouts ahead, leading the party back to the Kheldell Path, and back east to Red Larch. They arrive well into the early morning, retiring to their rooms upon arrival.

Due to a recent surge in occupancy, Tap and Adran are forced to bunk together while Aurgros, Papu and Zachary share a room. When Adran awakes, he discovers that Tap is nowhere to be found. Weary and eager for a refreshing bath, the group pay a quick visit to Haeleeya’s. Papu leaves a number of his claimed pants for laundry service, while Haeleeya encourages Aurgros to speak with “Minny” Mandhyver while investigating the whereabouts of Kenton Valklandar. Adran is the first to leave the establishment and is immediately enticed by a noticeable gathering of locals moving toward the southern end of town, the party explore a local market in the southeast..

At the Market…

  • Papu encounters Grund, a rather simple half-orc who sells his own brined pickles in the market. Irritated by the way others treat the poor half-orc, Papu pickpockets a nearby merchant for stealing one of Grund’s pickles. When raising the issue of the strange events occurring about town, Grund is spooked and makes a swift departure. Papu pursues, keeping a low profile.
  • Adran delivers a stirring song about Garrick’s death, then sings about the defeat of Oreioth. His song is a delight to locals and traveling merchants, earning him an increased fan base and improving morale for Red Larch.
  • Zachary offers a captivating oratory to compliment Adran’s song recounting the necromancer’s defeat.
  • Mara Westwind warns Aurgros of Randal Buckman’s unexplained disappearance.

The party, minus Papu, pays a quick visit to Endrith Vallivoe who passes the black arrow, parchment, and skull to Zachary’s care for further research. On the subject of Valklandar, Endrith also points out that Minny has lived in town far longer than he, and the party heads across the road to investigate the lead.

Papu shadows Grund back to his home just behind the back lot for Waelvur’s Wheelworks. The half-orc hurries himself with stocking his market goods into the house, then rushes through the back entrance toward the Wheelworks lot. Papu gives chase as Grund leaps over a fence and disappears within the wood and metal debris. Papu tracks his movements which lead to a hidden cellar door just behind the Waelvur home, though the doors appear to be locked from the inside. Papu returns to Grund’s home where he uncovers a small piece of torn parchment bearing a strange symbol.

Minny explains that a group of elders have formed a group calling themselves Believers, and have been instrumental in weeding out, harassing, and even killing undesirables in the town over the past couple years. This began upon discovering a series of tunnels burrowed just beneath Red Larch. She suspects that they may have hired bandits to scare off potential threats. Worried that the Believers may retaliate against her home and family for warning the adventurers of their scheme, she hastily shoos them from her home.

As the team discuss and analyze what they’ve learned, they are interrupted by a sudden tremor that shakes the entire town. Near the center of town, a large sinkhole collapses, swallowing some unfortunate children who were playing nearby on an old cart. The party then rushes to the aid of a frightened town as dusk slowly fades beyond the distant hills…


Villawuff Villawuff

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